Hello! My name is Iddo Sadeh, I am in my final stride of my BASc in Biomedical Engineering at UBC. I am also a programming teacher.

This website doubles as my engineering portfolio and blog. You'll be able to find most of my work here, but feel free to visit to also visit my LinkedIn or GitHub. You can also contact me at iddosadeh@gmail.com if you have any questions.

About me

I am fluent in both Hebrew and English. I enjoy reading, writing and learning. I love soccer in all its forms and spend my free time doing anything that'll make me break a sweat.

My learning journey is not strictly in the realms of engineering. Ill try and write about the cool stuff I learn in my blog.

Me as an engineer

I chose to study Biomedical engineering due to its interdisciplinary nature. I enjoy the oppurtuntity to learn a mix of ideas and subjects and believe this will always be part of my journey.

Through my studies I have learned the fundamentals of biology, chemistry, physics, math, statistics, computer science, and different engineering fields (electrical, computer, mechanical, etc). However, my emphasis has been to specialize in bioinformatics, data science, ML, and AI. This has has led me to supplement my core curriculum with extra computer science courses.

Through my work as a tutor, and my recent experience working for the department of earth and ocean science through UBC's worklearn program, I have gained a working profiency with JAVA, C++, PYTHON, MATLAB, Git, and much more. Feel free to explore my projects page and see all the different technologies and skills i have been using throughout my journey.

What i'm currently working on